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I am soooo close to finishing up all my pre req for the BSN program. I was planning to take Micro this fall and Chemistry in the Spring of 2010 in time for the BSN program start in Aug 2010. However after the open house and speaking with the recruiter I was told that in order to apply and have a chance for the Aug 2010 start I need to take Micro and Chem together.... Am I crazy or should I just suck it up and dig in????


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easily doable. I just finish micro in 6 weeks- killed that class. If you talking about intro to chem I do not see why you wouldn't be able to do it with micro. biochem is actually easier than the inorganic chem so if you doing that one its shouldn't be that bad either. I though anatomy in 16 weeks was actually hard than micro in 6 weeks--and I was doing anatomy with o-chem and nutrition. You just need to have good time management and prepare to study alot.


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Okay I am starting to feel better! A/P was like pulling teeth. I just plowed through it and before I knew it ... It was all over and I survied with A in both 141 and 142. Thank you for the words of encouragement!!!!


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no problem. Also micro is less memorization but more concepts. I would still say like 50-50 (on memorization and concepts). The thing about micro is that you have to try to learn from labs and apply the stuff you learn in lecture and apply it to lab.


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hey how did it go? i am planning or deciding rather if i should take chem and micro this summer together... what do you think?

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