Taking a man beating in the OR


I'm a guy and running into a situation where the female staff are dramatizing and manipulating situations that occur in order to make me look bad. I have been in trouble with my boss over subjective accusations that have been presented by the female staff. New staff have joined in on this and are saying I have said things that I certainly have not ever said. I am constantly being spoken down to, downright ignored, and treated as if I'm a disease. I love the OR and am actually doing well at my job (told to me by my boss and charge), but I just don't know what to do. I've worked at only one place and have been told its worse elsewhere, and I should be grateful to work in such a nice place. My job is at risk and I have no control over what is told to my boss, especially how accurate the accounts may be. For example, you ask for a suture, I open to the back table and then you go the boss and say I threw it across the tad and muttered something under my breath when doing so. There is a sliver of truth to this, I did throw you a suture. Other than that, everything else is embellished and without merit. Then I have to defend against these accusations. What do I do? I really love my job and will not do anything else. I am an asset tithe team, but ostracized for being too good sometimes. I feel so hopeless and hurt.


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Time for a new job. If the jobs all around you are really worse (I doubt it) then it is time to move. If you get canned because people are lying about you It will be difficult to explain to a potential employer. It will sound like an excuse. It would be nice to be able to record your conversations with others to prove what they said did not happen, but in health care that is difficult due to private health information. Can't violate your patients privacy to protect your job. I would also talk to your boss about it. Maybe your boss could hide out and watch a case through a window to see if how you behave. I suppose you could talk to a lawyer as well.


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May I ask if its a smaller hospital or larger teaching hospital ? Either way, no one deserves this. Sorry :-(


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You really need to find a new job, and quickly. I really doubt that other places are worse than that. While you're still there, your best bet is to just focus on doing your job and don't get involved with anything. No matter how badly they treat you, keep a smile on your face and remain nice to them. Do not talk to those people unless your job requires it. I'd be hesitant to go to management about it because they probably already know how their employees are and you may just get labeled as a complainer. I know it's tough, but eventually you'll find a better job and it'll be the best thing you ever did. I've been going through a very similar situation, so I do know exactly how you feel. I can tell how flying under the radar and choosing not to associate myself with any of the immature girls has helped to calm it down, but it'll never stop it completely. It did, however, give me enough time to keep my job while looking for another and I'm about to make my well deserved exit. Trust me, once you have hope again after finding a way to move on, you'll feel so much better.


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I generally keep quiet, do my job and keep to myself. I never let anyone know if they are getting to me; nurses, techs or surgeons.


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Since your boss knows you and likes your work, he/she is most likely familiar with your personality and the way you conduct yourself. I would approach your boss to discuss your concerns with the situation in a proactive manner. This isn't complaining, so don't approach it as such. I would also lay low, mind your business and speak to these other individuals only on an as needed basis. If your boss has a handle on things there, they will see who you really are and see past all the other ********! Good luck!