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Hello! I am in an associate's of nursing program right now. I am trying to knock out all of these pre-reqs for my RN-BSN school and for moving up the ladder.

So this is my question. Do you think it would be to much to work full-time, take one BSN class, and take the chem sequence for science majors?

What would be your opinion on this? All of you Rn-Bsn people-- how hard was your bsn program?



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OMG. Chemistry was my weakest point ever! I was studying so hard, but I still couldn't get the hang of it! I literally had to beg my professor to pass me. Don't want to go back those days again!!! I wasn't the only one though, most of my classmates had a hard time too. You just need to study and lots of prayers!

i think you should just study full time. you can work after graduating. being a student takes too much of your time that you're going to be too exhausted when you get to work and might risk making major mistakes.

take all the hard stuff first-- chemistry, microbiology etc.. after all these, things will just be 'a bit' easier because then you're gonna take all clinical subjects and be able to apply what you have learned in your pre-req courses.

good luck :)


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I found my RN-BSN program to be a cake-walk when compared to the ADN classes. In fact, I took 1 or 2 BSN classes every semester while doing my ADN program, and without any real difficulty.

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