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I am new to the boards and I am not to sure how it all works yet:nurse: I just registered at Montgomery County Community College to begin my pre reqs for the nursing program. I didnt do that well in Biology in High school out of pure laziness. Now I have to take Gen Bio before I start A n P1. I really want to get it out of the way but am not sure that taking it during summer 1 is the best idea. I work full time as a nanny Mon-Thurs and this class will be held Mon-Thurs from 6-9. Is it possible to take it during a shortened summer session and still get an A? Also for those of you who have taked gen bio during the summer session how many hours a night did you spend on homework?Thanks!!!:wink2:

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Have you considered doing it online? No commute and you can do it when you want to. I am taking all my pre-reqs online through ccconline. I had to take Gen Bio as a pre-req for A&P. Just another option to consider. BTW, I took it in a shorter 10 wk program and got an A, so it can be done.


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Is that the only class your taking? I bet youll do fine! :up: Just go into it with a positve attitude and work your butt off! I took General Bio during a regular semester after being a high school dropout (passed the GED exam, but I dropped out in 9th grade so it was tough) and still got an A. I dont remember being stressed out over it at all, either. Maybe it depends on the instructor you have too. You could get on Myspace Rate Your Professor or Ratemyprofessor.com and see what other students say about the courseload?

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take general biology i totally online at ocean county college this summer. work full-time and stay home with your kids. occ has become a national powerhouse for totally online science courses. so many pre-nursing students use them from all over the nation.

occ offers two online courses, one in summer first five weeks 5/18/09 - 6/23/09 and the other in summer second five week 6/24/09 - 7/28/09. i have taken a number of their science courses online and they are terrific.

the labs are taught totally online with a labpaq and a microscope that arrives at your front door.

here is the website for the biol 161 general biology i dl course:


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