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[color=seegreen] hello! i am a pre-nursing student.

i've seen some students taking cna program before starting nursing school.

is it really helpful for your study in nursing?

i am going to work during the summer, but taking cna program during the summer sounds good. my school does not require the cna program for admission, but i see some nursing schools in other states require it.

the cost of the program is $235, is this an appropriate price?

i am taking finals now. the preparation of getting into the nursing school for two and half years is almost over. i hope everyone is doing well! :)


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Hi hrjang,

I have been pondering over the idea of gong to CNA school, the programs here are between $500-$800 dollars and last about 3 weeks. I really wanted the experience but I'm scared it will take me away from making the GPA that I need to get into school in January!!!!:)



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Many times the place that hires you will train you for your CNA...Then you can possibly apply at your job for tuition re-embursement or a forgiveness loan.

I think any exposure to a clinical setting is a plus! Good luck with your studies and congratulations on all the hard work thus far. :)


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In my program, after taking Fundamentals of nursing, (which is a prerequisite),we are able to sit for the CNA exam. See if this is possible. No sense in paying for something you already may have to pay for. Good luck!!

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