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This is my first official post to board after perusing the site for over a year. I've just graduated from college and have begun taking my pre-requisites classes in order to apply to schools Fall 2013.

I was wondering if anyone knows if some schools might look negatively at an applicant who takes classes at different community colleges? Unfortunately, some classes just get filled (especially at SMC and Pierce) so I've been looking to take classes at College of the Canyons, El Camino, and Southwest (I live in LA so it's not too big of a deal for me to commute to other places).

Besides the pain of having to pay for extra transcripts to be sent out, is there any other potential disadvantages to doing this?

Thanks all!

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do what you need to do but you better make sure that you're taking equivalent courses and that the credit will transfer to the facility you're interested in

I agree. In fact, I would talk to an admissions adviser at the school you want to attend and let them know your though process. That way they know your plan and you have contact information. I must have emailed the same 2 people 20 times during my quest for MSN admissision. After a few months they knew I was serious about getting in. It paid off. Do whatever it takes to get those prereqs and get in!!!

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