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Taken NCLEX 3x's & haven't passed

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I am new to the allnurses.com I hope I put this message in the correct forum!

Anyways, I am currently trying to pass the nclex. I have taken it 3xs already. First time, I got 85Q, second time 265Q, and third time 229Q but ran out of time. I do get accomadations on test days. I feel like I have studied and have taken millions of questions through Kaplan. I have also tried Uworld (for one month trial). My predictor tests Have said I was ready to take the nclex all 3xs. I have even had nursing tutors to direct me in the right directions. Each time my nclex results have been near passing standard. I get test anxiety as well. Does anyone have opinions or advice for me? I'm in need of interventions to pass this exam, I'm committed and anxious to pass it! Would greatly appreciate it! :)


I recently just passed my NCLEX but I had graduated 2 years ago. A combination of procrastination, life, and self doubt led me to to taking this long. I would start reviewing then tell myself I would fail bc Ihad been out of school so long and sometimes reviewing meant learning things all over again. My only advice is you know the material but you have to know how to answer those NCLEX questions. Because sometimes the answers are very vague. Also you have to let that anxiety go when you get to your computer. I've always been a good test taker but for the NCLEX I had crazy anxiety mostly due to how long it took me get here. You can make your own self fail just by stressing out and not reading the questions correctly. My test center had these noise blocking head phones available and I used them to block everything out I could only focus on what was in front of me. Read every question atleast 3 times and every answer. Take your time. You've got this.

Thank you Jal1117! It will be a year in May since Ive graduated nursing school. What resources did you find helpful for you?

I really only used ATI because it was offered through my school. I would've liked to try u world but my school requires us to get "green light" through ATI and since I had already spent a good amount of money on that I stood with it. Besides ATI I used pocket prep which is an app on the App Store for $9 so I could do questions on the go from my phone. I also used Pinterest because there were lots of pneumonics on there and just pictures to help you remember things.