Taken Advantage as a New Grad? help.


new grad RN in New Jersey

I recently did not get hired for my dream job at my dream hospital. I took a job at a transitional care/rehab facility to gain experience and keep myself busy while I look for another job. During the interview I was asked how much I was looking for salary wise. I had no idea what to say because I am not familiar with the RN salary at a setting like this nor did I think it was professional to talk about on the first interview. I have now been told I will be making about 35,000. I feel as though I am being taken advantage of because I am a new grad looking for "any job" really. My sister is an LPN and will be making around the same pay as me...

I am grateful to have a job but I would be making 5 dollars more an hour than I do at my part time restaurant job now! I have student loans to pay

any thoughts? anyone else work in this setting?

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There's nothing to stop you from continuing to look for work after you take this 'starter job'. If their salaries are low, they are probably used to a high turnover so you shouldn't feel guilty.

Normally, healthcare employers have a very well defined compensation structure that includes specific salary ranges for each job. New employee salaries are slotted into the range at a place that is determined by their education/credentials and experience/expertise. So, a new grad with no relevant experience is pretty much at the bottom of the salary range for the position. They can't deviate from the compensation structure without opening themselves up to being sued for discrimination - which is easy to prove (salary-wise) difficult to defend. BTW, If you sister has some experience, she is probably further along in her job's salary range.

Good luck on your new job