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Take a part time job?

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Should i take the part time job?

  1. 1. Should i take the part time job?

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      Take the part time and hope to be bumped up to full time
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      Dont take the part time
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      Take the part time and look for another part time

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So i recently graduated and passed my NCLEX :D

I have applied for multiple positions and recently got offered a part time position in the mental health field of nursing (which i really enjoy).

so pretty much i cant decide if i should take it due to it being part time, and if i did would it be smart to try and get another part time position in more of a medical aspect of nursing?

I would feel it out for a few months if you can afford to and then take a per diem job on the side. Two part times sounds difficult to juggle to me. That way you can be flexible to your part-time employer with your schedule and then work your per diem job around it. Good luck :)


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If it is something you would enjoy take it. Any experience is better than no experience. I also agree with violetsmom about looking at a per diem gig too. That way you can make your own schedule.


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My job is part-time. I was hired for 32 hours a week. The past 3 weeks I have worked between 48-56 hours due to understaffing. So, part-time does not always mean actually working part-time. Plus if you take this part-time position, you might have first dibs on a full-time position that opens up down the road.

Its good to get your foot in the door with any nursing job (especially one in a field you enjoy)! So many things can happen after you take this position, you can go to full time if you like and and when the opportunity presents itself, you can look for per diem, and in the meantime, you are showing meaningful experience on your resume, and separating yourself from the other, inexperienced new grads (opening more doors for you in the future).