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  1. Wilkes University - BEWARE!

    I just want to urge anyone considering applying to a Wilkes graduate program to reconsider. This is a warning. 1. Content: Everything is self-taught. There are no lectures whatsoever. Some professors will supply supplemental materials and others...
  2. Hello future class! I got accepted into Spring 2021 at Wilkes University (BSN-MSN PMHNP): Anyone starting with me? Anyone doing bedside or thinking of leaving bedside while going to school? Are you going to work FT/PT/PRN? What specialty a...
  3. Wilkes PMHNP 2020

    Did anyone else get accepted into the Wilkes University PMHNP program? I got accepted into the post-MSN for Spring 2020. Got my acceptance letter today.
  4. HELLO EVERYONE! ? I would like to know if there is anyone out there that will be applying at -------->>>>>> Wilkes U for Fall 2021(BSN-MSN PMHNP). If anyone is attending this program please share your experience.. I would like to s...
  5. Wilkes U-PMHNP

    Anyone here enrolled at Wilkes PMHNP? I'll be starting this Jan. 2020 spring. Any thoughts? Experience so far? Thanks