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  1. Hello, I just got into nursing school and am pretty dead set on the OR. It was only reaffirmed when I got to shadow a surgeon, he let me be uncomfortably close (like 1 step from the sterile table, which they move around vs using a mayo and 1 step fro...
  2. RNFA or CRNA?

    I LOVE OR. LOVE it. I'm trying to decide between CRNA or RNFA. I am trying to plan out the track I want to follow for my nurse residency. Can you tell me more about both CRNA and RNFA and help me decide? Thanks!
  3. The term Advanced Practice Provider ("APP") has usually been limited to advanced practice registered nurses in a medical context. I believe recent trends and the efficacy of care is starting to really contemplate what that term can mean in surgical c...