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  1. tnbutterfly - Mary

    Academic Nursing Research Requests

    allnurses.com is an excellent platform for nurses of all backgrounds and levels of work experience to exchange ideas, concerns and solutions regarding patient care and nursing practice. For these reasons Allnurses is a great place for nurses and students to learn and seek assistance in exploring and achieving future nursing career goals. As a registered member, nurses and students are permitted to use allnurses.com to post academic nursing related research (surveys targeted for nurses), provided that the criteria below is met and approval is given. Although there is no cost to post your research survey, you are required to participate on the site before you post your survey. This will help you to establish a presence on allnurses and connect with our members, which in turn should increase the responses to your survey. Building Your allnurses Identity Posting articles is a great way to get exposure prior to posting your research survey. We strongly recommend that you write at least one article. For more information on articles, please go to How to Submit an Article. We do ask that you provide a summary of your paper upon completion. Another option for building your identity on the site is to submit at least 20 topics (threads). Your threads can be about anything nursing-related, such as questions you may have regarding your future career. Please do not post duplicate topics in more than one forum. For more information about starting a topic, please go to How do I start a new topic on allnurses.com? and How to Start a Great Topic. The objective is to reach out and get to know our members and vice versa. It is important that they see you as an active participant on the site. This will increase the responses on your survey. Research Request Guidelines All research requests must be approved by the staff at allnurses.com before they can be posted publicly. There are strict rules which must be followed before approval will be granted. Unapproved research submissions will be removed. Requirements You are a Registered Member. You post a minimum of 1 article or 20 topics prior to submitting your research request. You participate in conversation with members in your topics. You agree to reply to questions in your Research Request Thread. You understand that our members may not participate in your "research" if you are not an active member of the site. You follow the 2-Step Process as outlined below. You share your research findings with the allnurses.com community. You post a summary (500-1000 words) of your final research in the applicable nursing forum on allnurses.com You give credit to allnurses.com as a source in your publication for the use of this research access service. 2-Step Process Step 1 To begin the process for obtaining approval for research, please submit all information requested in the Academic Nursing Research Participation Request form. To expedite the approval process, please include all the information requested. When providing your survey link, please make sure the survey is open for review by our staff. The approval process may take time, so please be patient. We will notify you by email if we need additional information from you. Step 2 Upon approval, you may post your research request in the most appropriate/applicable nursing forum. IMPORTANT: You may only submit your request in one forum. If you post in more than one forum, duplicates will be deleted. When posting your request, please label your topic as Research. This option will be presented to you when creating your topic. This label will increase the visibility of your research thread. You must utilize an online survey tool such as Survey Monkey, Wufoo, etc. to allow members to participate in your survey. Once you post your research request topic, it will once again be reviewed by staff and go public after final approval. This final review is to make sure the information you posted is acceptable to our community. We do not want it to backfire on you. No commercial request(s) will be considered or accepted at any time. If you need additional assistance, please post in the Help Desk. We wish you well with your research and look forward to reading a summary of your results. Thank you for choosing to use allnurses.com

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