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  1. The #1 digital stethoscope for nurses. 40x sound amplification Reduced ambient noise 7 volume levels for listening comfort Adult & pediatric diaphragms Rechargeable battery with 9 hour life with continuous use Bluetooth connectivity to free mobile app Connecting the CORE to the free Eko App gives clinicians the ability to visualize, record, save, and share heart sounds. These functions are useful for hearing low grade heart murmurs, getting a second opinion on irregular sounds, education, and telemedicine. The Eko CORE is available in two models. $299, the Eko CORE Digital Stethoscope is a complete stethoscope $199, the Eko CORE Digital Attachment can digitize a traditional stethoscope from manufacturers such as 3M Littman, ADC, and Medline Who uses Eko Stethoscopes? The Eko CORE is used by over 10,000 clinicians at 1,000 institutions around the world. The sound amplification and bluetooth connectivity are helpful for clinicians with hearing loss or patients that are difficult to auscultate. Medical and nursing schools are adopting Eko as an intuitive learning tool. Finally, Eko is expanding telemedicine programs with cardiology-grade live streaming of heart and lung sounds. FLASH SALE This special 30% off offer - only available to allnurses.com readers - expires September 30th, 2018. Use the promo code allnurses to get 30% off your order today! Click Here to Purchase

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