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  1. Until a few decades ago, a high school diploma or GED was suitable enough to secure a good job in the US. Soon after high school graduation, people on the vocational track found entry-level positions at factories, steel mills, construction sites, uni...
  2. We Must Demolish NP Diploma Mills

    What is AANP doing with those programs??? I think we should unite to take an action on such diploma mills.
  3. CRNA Mills?

    While perusing these forums over the years, I've seen mention of "CRNA mills" or "puppy mills" in regard to low quality CRNA programs either pumping out students with the bare minimum qualifications (cases, etc) or simply failing students out after t...
  4. So I've finally decided to pursue my psychiatric NP. I'd prefer the online route and I'm surprised I'm not finding many options for schools. I've found Walden University in MN, Rivier University in NH, and Regis College in MA. That's it! Do you ...
  5. Certain DNP programs with poor reputations and low standards threaten the legitimacy of the DNP degree?
  6. TheCommuter

    Scam Schools And Diploma Mills

    Several generations ago, a high school education had been sufficient enough to land a good position. An individual could graduate from high school, find an entry-level job, remain with the same place of employment for thirty to forty years, enjoy som...

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