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  1. CPNRE - November 2020

    Hi November CPRNE takers, starting this thread for updates regarding the results. ☺️
  2. Waiting for CPNRE results Jan/Feb 2020

    Hi! Anyone else eagerly waiting for their results like me? I wrote on the first day of the exam period (January 27, 2020). Im sooooo nervous!! When should I be expecting results?
  3. CPNRE September 2021

    Hello Everyone, it is that time again where we gather together to render support and guidance with our licensing exam. Has anyone found out when we will get our results?
  4. CPNRE exam Jan-Feb 2021

    Hey everyone, I thought I would start a page for anyone writing the CPNRE in Jan-Feb 2021. Please share any advice, tips or things you used that you found really prepared you for the exam! We can also keep each other updated when results are re...
  5. CPNRE June 2020

    Hey everyone, I hope everyone is keeping well during this pandemic. For anyone who has written the CPNRE already in June 2020 could you please share how you found the exam/level of difficulty compared to the resources such as Mosby textbook, 3/4/5 ed...
  6. CPNRE November 2021

    November 2021 cpnre
  7. HELP: Failed CPNRE 3 times, what to do now?

    I've failed the CPNRE 3 times this year and would want to know what type of jobs I could take while waiting for the REx-PN exam on January 4, 2020. Do you think taking any health care related jobs at the hospital, such as a PSA or CNA, would he...
  8. CPNRE EXAM June 2021

    Hello everyone, I just wrote my exam on June 23rd and was just wondering who else is in the same boat as me. I’m so nervous about the results but I know I have to wait until most likely end of July to get it. The waiting is stressing me out so m...

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