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HELP: Failed CPNRE 3 times, what to do now?

by iElizabethM iElizabethM (New) New Student

I've failed the CPNRE 3 times this year and would want to know what type of jobs I could take while waiting for the REx-PN exam on January 4, 2020. 

Do you think taking any health care related jobs at the hospital, such as a PSA or CNA, would help increase my chances of getting an RPN hospital job in the future? 

Also, I would like to ask for advice on what are the next steps to take forward to prepare for the REx-PN exam, or whatever you have done that helped you pass the exam (especially after failing).

I apologize if I may be asking for too much, but any good advice would definitely help at this time. 

Thank you so much in advance!  

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Hey I failed three times too....

what else can I do...