Tachypnea and infection


Hello, I am in my newborn rotation and I am just going over infection/sepsis notes

What is the patho behind high resp rate and infection? why does it happen? is it because the infection increases the metabolic process which requires the body use more glucose/o2 to fight the infection so the body is trying to keep up with the increase of demand?

and this is the same for adults with infections too right?

sorry if its a stupid question..

thanks in advance!

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What happens to the body's temperature when someone has sepsis? :)

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Technically the temperature can be below normal in a patient with sepsis.

Think about what sepsis does....hypoxia, acidosis, as well as temperature in most cases. Why would the RR be increased? YOu are on the right track.

In children....Fever and leukocytosis are features of the acute-phase reaction, while tachycardia is often the initial sign of hemodynamic compromise (children increase thier heart rates to increase cardiac output). Tachypnea may be related to the increased metabolic stress due to infection and inflammation, but may also be an ominous sign of inadequate perfusion resulting in the onset of anaerobic cellular metabolism (acidosis).

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What's a common physical observation in fever? What changes color and temp? What makes that occur? Does that give you even more insight into increased heart rate with fever?