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T.E.D. anti embolism stockings/Texas

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How long can you wear these things. Mine is the thigh high are they worn daily or 24/7or a couple of days per week?

If this is a request for medical advice because you have been prescribed these, you need to ask your physician. Patients who need these for therapeutic reasons should put them on in the morning before putting their feet over the edge of the bed-- not even once, before you put them down-- and take them off as directed.

If you're a nurse, wear them for comfort.

If you're asking how long before you should replace them for new, the usual answer is have three pair at a time-- one to wear, one to (hand)wash, and one to be drying, and they should last you for many months.

I believe each person can be different but most of my clients as well as my husband wears them during the day, and takes them off at bed time. But if you have a lot of swelling while sleeping then it probably would be good to wear them.