Sympathy?! :) Writing a Risk Paper!

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Ok, I really don't need to beg for sympathy, I should know better :):). This paper should be a breeze, I've written 20 page research papers for my Ba in Psych but this little 3 page Risk paper for nursing is biting my :chuckle butt!

I just don't know how to word it...we are writing basic lit review of journal articles related to a risk topic (mine is pregnancy and diabetes) and we include a nursing diagnosis and goals and outcome.

UGH - maybe it was easier to write 20 pages of psych stuff! :):):):)



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Trust me, get a few of these under your belt and you'll breeze through them!


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Risk papers? :):) I guess my big problem is how to start...once I start its not bad. I had the same problem with the long psych papers. :):)


Thanks for the encouragement! :):)

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