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I am currently a new grad in the float pool and I'm looking to find a new job. There have definitely been struggles being a new grad float and I'm ready to be on one floor and moving towards my goal of being a pediatric nurse. My question is, when is the best time to start appling to different hospitals? I've been a nurse for 9 month and I'm unsure if it's better to apply at my year make or if it's okay to start applying now? I've also heard that some hospital dislike when you apply to their hospital more than once and allow you to only apply once a year. Also, I really want to be in pediatrics and right now I am an adult med surg float. Does anyone have any advice on how to get into pediatrics from adult acute care?

Thank you so much !!!

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You can start polishing up your resume and lining up your references now, but I wouldn't actually apply until you have a year of experience.

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Would wait until a year.

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