Switching back to straight angiocath IVs from Nexiva a challenge - help

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Hi everyone, I have been working in a diagnostic clinic for over 2 years now which exclusively uses Nextiva IV's.  I hated it at first because I was so used to straight angiocaths and found them easy to thread because as soon as I got flashback I'd just advance a little and then flush it in.  Today I was working on the floors and another floor called asking for help for an IV start, however the used the old angiocaths and I was having difficulty - missed twice and then abandoned.  I felt so deflated, and apologized and left.

I just found the straight angiocath so "loose", like the catheter was so loose on the needle that I had no control and things were moving around too much.  Both times I got in the vein and my technique was off and it blew.  Once I got in the vein I was having a hard time slipping the catheter off the needle.  On my second try the catheter was definitely filling with blood, but I think I continued to advance the needle with the catheter and something went wrong, when I clicked back the needle the blood wouldn't advaance anymore and it was blown when I flushed.


Its hard to beleive that the system I used to love so much for how "easy" it was to flush the catheter forward now has become so slippery, loose, and sloppy for me, especially how hard the nextiva was at first for me to get the hang of it.  Hopefully someone can please help me where I might be going wrong.  Thank you!

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I can ,but I need to know what brand/device it is,It is an introcan,insyte autoguard,insyte autoguard BC or jelcoprotectiv ? There are some idiosyncrasies that may make be getting you hung up ! 

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Hi Iluvivt, thank you so much for responding.  I brought a couple needles home to practise, so I see the brand its "Insyte Autoguard BC Pro".  Most hospitals in my area that don't use nexiva, use this brand.  Please any help you can give would be so appreciated.  I think also I'm gonna have to spend the bucks and take a refresher, because the refresher courses often use this needle for practise.  Thank you!

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