Sweet relaxation


After two weeks jam packed with midterms, lectures, seminar, CWE hours in the emergency department, and a group project - I am overjoyously happy to say that I have THE WHOLE AFTERNOON TO MYSELF! I came home and changed into my pajamas (at 1:00 in the afternoon btw) turned my phone on silent and just sat. In pure silence. It's beautiful really. This is actually what makes nursing school worth it ... these times that you can appreciate nothing at all. To all of you who are stressing over a test or assignment right now i'm sorry ... but I will be back with you tomorrow. So what am I to do with all of this time .. nap, read a book for pleasure, watch tv?? No, I am on AN talking about nursing. Something is obviously wrong with me! Anyway I am so excited that I have some "me" time that I had to share it with you all - afterall you guys understand what I am talking about more than anyone else! I hope you all are enjoying your day as well :D

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Sounds wonderful! After helping my son with his school project, I'm just settling in now for my 10pg paper that was due yesterday and I have to work all weekend and post a huge powerpoint by Fri midnight. I work pms Fri-Sun. I'm so stressed I feel like puking!!! Reading this helped me hold on until next week and maybe then I can breathe!!

Good for you!!!


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This post made my day haha