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I need the most current nursingt guidelines for suture and/or staple removal and use of blood warmers (for rapid infusion). Anyone know where I can quickly find them?

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What kind of guidelines are you looking for? For instance for staple removal you rub over the staples with betadine prior to removal. Stitches we just take out with a suture removal set. And what do you need to know about the fluid warmer?


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Suture/staple removal is a basic nursing function that can be found in any med/surg book. As far as the guidelines for the fluid/blood warmer, the manufacture should have detailed guideline for use. Do you need more than that? Are you writing policies?


1 Post will give you some guidelines in th UK for administration of blood through a warmer, but it is only limited to the temperature settings. There are no specific guidelines as to when a blood warmer should be used, though.

try this site:

They have a LOT of guidelines with references for evidence-based practice. I use this site regularly to help write protocols.

dont forget to burp the bags!

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