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I work for a small 'family run' Medicare HH agency established five years ago. Because we are so small we are able to follow Medicare guidelines exactly and every survey has been good with only two or three minor deficiences (eg. RN did not initial correction, aide did not report weight gain of 1 pound' ). Last month we had a survey that still leaves me stunned. The surveyor slammed charts on the table, threw pencils across the room, screamed in our faces, in view of the staff, threatened to 'shut us down' 'put us on witholding. It was a nightmare. When, at our request, the survey was reviewed by her supervisor, we had only the usual minor defeciencies. The whole thing was reminiscient of the way the Gestapo or the IRS worked. The owner is just happy it's resolved but I am still angry and want some resolution. Anybody else had such an experience?

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Wow God no. I would have called her supervisor over her tirade. Did she have a temper tantrum or something? Odd.


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Yes i've heard of this hapening. Usually a new surveyor or someone with power trip that needs to be reigned in.

Contacting Medicare and asking for supervisors review is the proper thing to do. Know of one case where reviewer was fired after several agencies reported person.

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