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Hi. Last time when I was here, I got lots of help. Thank you, especaily for [COLOR=#003366]kguill975 and [COLOR=#003366]Annaiya. I am going to start part time FNP program. My goal is to be a surgical NP. I like to work with surgeons. I am working on med/surg unit as part time now. It looks like I don't need OR experience to be a surgical NP.But..If don't work in OR, how am i going to network with my future work? Who is going to hire me as surgical NP? It could happen but it is going to be really difficult. I know once I graduate, I can attend RNFA program (7 days). But since I don't have any knowlege about surgery, traning will be longer. Big thing is that I don't think anybody wants to hire me as a surgical NP. I will be difficult to find a surgeon who wants to train me.

I decided to work in OR as part time. Nobody accepted me as part time nurse. I understand why. Only choice to work in OR is working full time. I have 4 yr old son. I don't know if I can work full time and go to part time NP.

Next fall I study: research for evidence based practice, theoretical foundation of reserch and practice. Next spring I study: policy organization and financing of health care and populaiton based foundation of health.

I am planing to ask OR manager if I could be part time next fall. Until then, I have to be full time to work in OR. Do you think I could handle full time work until next spring is finished? Or..Should I just fouce on study and work part time in med/surg..

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I would focus your graduate-level placements on peri-op.

None of the NPs (other than one) that work in surgery had OR experience as RNs. They all met in graduate school or on interviews post-grad.

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I don't think it's so far fetched that you would be hired without OR experience. That portion can be taught, plus the focus is on what you can do "outside of the OR" (i.e. billable encounters like surgical consults, non-op management, and procedures). If the docs were only concerned with getting a good assistant, they would go after CFAs and RNFAs with experience, but those people can't do what you can.

As to whether a single parent can complete a part-time program while working full-time, I did it. It didn't get hard until I started clinical, but I had a lot of PTO saved up for that part. I also worked compressed weekends in the OR, so I had 4 days each week to dedicate to clinical. If you work in a smaller OR that's not staffed 24 hours a day, make sure the call requirement isn't too heavy. It's all doable, just go for it, and manage your stress.

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I would focus your graduate-level placements on peri-op.

To the OP: I did an Ortho rotation, ER rotation, and the others were either internal medicine or Surgical step-down/SICU since I did an ACNP program. In your case, you could choose a few specialties that you may be interested in as a FNP. If you can, do an Ortho/Neuro spine and a pedi congenital heart rotation, those offer high reimbursements for assisting. Pedi Oral Maxillofacial is okay too. Good Luck, you'll get there.


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To Kguill975: Thank you so much again for your help. I think I know where to go.