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Surgery keep me from becoming a nurse??


Hello all...I have had to put off nursing school as I have finally decided it is time to get an old injury repaired. Years ago I injured my shoulder badly, but being a single mom I did not have the time to take 6 weeks off work to have it repaired and recover. Now it seems I have no choice as it has popped out 4 times in the last month. Not fun!! My question is; if I have this surgery I know it will keep my shoulder from dislocating...but will having the injury and subsequent surgery keep me from becoming a nurse?? My dream is to work in long term care.....

Jo Dirt

Has 9 years experience.

I wouldn't know...seems like it would depend on whether your shoulder would physically keep you from being unable to pass meds and chart and do the occasional lifting a nurse has to do.


Has 18 years experience.

Your best to check with the nursing school you want to go to. You have to work in all clinical areas prior to graduation and the LTC clinicals are hard work. Once you graduate you don't have the patient care of an LPN or a NA but you still have to pass the clinicals to get there.

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