Surgeries listed on 485?


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I have been in Home Health since 1995 and I have always been under the impression that you were supposed to put surgeries that the patient had on the 485, in that Box 12. We have an outside company that does our coding for us and I have had the hardest time getting them to put surgeries in. Some of them will enter them into the OASIS but then not put it in the place in our system that it needs to be to go onto the actual 485.

I'm not talking about just minimal procedures, most recently I had a guy who we were seeing fresh from a CABG x 3 and an Aortic Valve Replacement (Mechanical) and neither procedure is anywhere to be found. These are not old procedures (I remember the days when you listed ALL surgeries they had) but the whole reason we were referred. I sent responses back to the coding message requesting that these be added and was told that supposedly they are doing away with M1012 but that is not the 485 it is OASIS.

Am I the only one that thinks this is a problem? Is it not a big deal that these surgeries aren't listed on the 485?


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I work in the field only but have always provided input to keep 485s as updated and complete as possible. I agree with your view on this. Some documents have been so spotty, I wondered who had thrown them togetber and what was their "source" of information.

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I always list them. The most annoying thing ever about the software we use though is that if you enter all the information into the referral and then try to "copy diagnoses" onto the 485, it copies only the medical diagnoses and then you have to re-enter every surgery individually.