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Surg Tech student wanting some input!

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Hi. My name is Kelly, I am currently attending school to be surgical technician. I live in Tulsa Oklahoma, but plan on moving to Oregon with my fiance when school is up... I am nervous about the school, about the position itself, and curious as to what i can expect and if this is the right field for me. If there are any other surg tech's out there and what do you like/dislike about this position,and of course any pointers you can give me! :p

Hi there! I have been a surg tech for about 9yrs, worked main OR and my last few years have been on an L&D unit. I will be finishing up nursing school in May (yeah!), but will miss scrubbing! What I like.......I LOVE surgery, I love instruments and tools (scrubbed a lot of ortho). What I don't like is the lack of pt care, I enjoy pts and bonding etc. My advice would be to develop a tough skin, and never take anything personal in the OR. If things get heated and stressful for the surgeon, they can be abrupt and even nasty. Of course this doesn't happen all the time. Overall it is an incredibly fun job, and you get to learn anatomy like no class can teach. Most ORs are very receptive to new grads and orient you plenty. Utilize the experience of the nurses and techs when you get there. Good luck! SG

thank you for your input. how do you like colorado? i am either moving to colorado or oregon when i get done with school. do you reccommend CRNA or what else besides RN???

thanks so much for your input

Hi! Come on over to the OR nursing bb, too! Read the old posts if you haven't already, usefull stuff there. The route to CRNA (in a nutshell) is be be an RN with bachelor's degree (and high GPA) then critcal care experience- ICU, etc. I do know a few CRNAs who have been OR nurses or techs before going on to critical care but that's the exception not the norm. The experience you'll get as a tech (and the friends you make) will be a great starting point to decide if CRNA interests you or not. You'll get a better grasp on what their job involves than the many nursing students who tell me it's what they want to do. (and I'm an OR nurse, I'm good friends with a few CRNAs, and I feel like I have only a vague idea of what they do- the do so much!)

Good Luck!


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If I had my choice to do it all over again... I would be have been one of those technicians who run the heart lung machines!!!! They are called perfusionists. They are treated very, very well. You'd never, ever have problems finding a job!!!

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