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Okay, so I have this developing problem with a gal in my LVN class. She's super positive, super gung-ho, a total gunner of a nursing student. She wants to be super super positive, never jaded, super nurse. And if anyone complains about the course being too much work, or whatever, she shoots them down. She's freaking out because we have a less than clear instructor for A&P, and in short, this woman is stressing me out and freaking me out.

I have to go and sit next to someone else. She's annoying the crap out of me. Today, she took to reminding me how much she has riding on this... Like I don't. I do, but I don't try to focus on that. I try to focus on the work that must be done. And just do it.

How do I deal with Super Nurse? She makes life so much more stressful. I'm taking this program seriously, but I don't want to flip out....

Please advise.

I am sorry but I think you need to focus on your school and yourself instead of her. You can not make other people the way you want them to be...instead look at how they are...take in the good traits and learn from the bad traits. I really do not understand how she wants to be super positive and super nurse can stress you out?

Sorry if I sound harsh...but when I was in nursing school, unless someone interfere with my study and then grade, I do not give a "care" because I was busy enuf with school itself

I totally understand what you're saying. When I was in school, our nursing class decided it would be a good idea to start a facebook group just for our class. It was fine for reminding me if and when I needed to check my school e-mail, or for when assignments were due, etc. However, once someone got going on something, everyone got going on it, and reading everyone's posts about various things started freaking me out and causing me anxiety! I mean seriously, I would start having palpitations! Over nothing, most of the time, just maybe some wrong information that got blown out of proportion or whatever. I eventually had to take a serious step back and quit reading posts for a long time, and realize that I was letting it get to me.

Choosing to relocate was a good move on your part. I'm sorry I don't have any additional advice for you, I just wanted to let you know that you're not the only person who gets stressed out over people like her. When it started getting too much for me, I taped inspirational quotes above my computer, to look at when it got to be too much. This one from Mark Twain may help you too:

"When angry, count to four. When very angry, swear" -Mark Twain

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Oh boy does this bring back memories! There are "personalities" that can really get on your nerves. In my program we had a small group, we spent hours together every day so after a while it can feel like your crazy family.

My guess is the super-positive lady is probably terrified inside if she mentioned that she had so much riding on this to you. Wait until you get the one who constantly raises their hand during a lecture to talk about "their sister had the same thing, and blah blah blah" or somebody who wants to argue everything with the teacher.

I wish I had the magic answer, but you've got the right idea by putting some physical space between you, and try to ignore the rest of it. Best wishes to you.

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