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Super Lost finding a Nursing School.. HELP!

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OK, where do I start. I live in California & have 1 semester left in order to receive my associates in science, I have Microbiology left. I am aware that nursing schools are HIGHLY competitive and unfortunately I have a 2.39 GPA and if I receive an A in micro I would be at a 2.96. Still low I know😞I am a first generation student, throughout my college years I’ve had to work in order to survive as sad as that sounds, no help from parents... AT ALL. Which have caused my grades to be low. I know California ADN programs are still competitive like a 3.0-3.7 and private schools also want a 3.5 I only know of one lottery school don’t know many. I have no problem moving out of state for an ADN/AAS program I have saved enough money throughout college so I don’t have to work during nursing school. I’ve done research for out of state schools and I always seem to bump into something as far as the “point system” goes as well as some schools requiring to have a CNA license as a requirement to apply. Long story short I’m super frustrated and overwhelmed to the point where I don’t even want to look into more because it’s always something. Counselors at my college are kind of like, “here’s what you need to look for, good luck.” End of story. I’m looking for a school that will accept my GPA, is okay with my repeats in science courses which is four, no cna requirement, don’t have to be a resident. I’m losing all hope and I’ve cried for a week straight thinking I did all of this work for nothing. I’m really losing all motivation it’s hard when you’re clapping for your own self I have volunteer hours but some schools care about that others don’t. I do not want to go the cna, lvn, and then RN route because there are waiting periods and due to this covid 19 some aren’t in sessions and one counselor told me that if I take that route it’ll take 7 years to become an RN. There has to be at least one school that can accept me. I really hope some of you can help with answers I would greatly appreciate it🙏🏻


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I hate to be one to throw another rock into your worries bucket, but be careful considering relocation for school. You'd prob have to pay out-of-state tuition in addition to all the other issues you've mentioned, like program admission competiveness and length of study. And that means big money.

I'm in no way, shape or form knowledgeable about Calif nsg programs. Calif is UNLIKE anything else I've ever seen discussed here on AN in regards to your options. Getting into a school should NOT be your only concern. Whatever you do, you need to keep an eye open to your career options - and that is a big issue even not considering C19.

But now, having said that, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE go slowly if you come across going to for-profit schools. By and large, those schools typically offer options that are fraught with problems - just read the warnings here on AN about the problems. Now to be honest, I do believe that there are prob some reputable for-profit schools that strive to do a good job producing successful grads. But that would be an absolutely necessary search to find the right school. And it won't be an easy search.

Sorry, I can't be more helpful. You just might truly have a long road ahead of you.

MN MANE schools do not require a CNA. I think MCTC does though. There is no in/out state tuition at the CC level. Compared to CA, MN is incredibly cheap in real estate (rental market in MSP is tough though). Good ratios (not as good as CA) for when you graduate and decent pay. Market during COVid isn;t great but it was good preCOVID. Admission is based off TEAS and GPA IIRC. MANE schools will dual admit you to BSN so you have that opportunity also.

But Winter starts October/November and ends April (sometimes May). It sucks.