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Hey, I applied to SUNY Downstate FNP program for fall of 2020. I’m a little nervous. Has anyone heard back yet?

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Hi @sunnyRN

      What is your email address or number? I can reach out and provide some insight.

@KrSampson422 that would be awesome! you can email me at [email protected].. thanks so much

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@sunnyRN I also was accepted into the program. If you have any insight that can be helpful I would appreciate it. It is very hard to find much information about the program.

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For those of you who are in the FNP program how do you like it so far? The classes? Clinical? Professors? Any pros/cons?

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Classes are currently "asynchronous," meaning they're LIVE lectures online (they record it so you can re-listen which is great).  You have the opportunity to speak and ask questions during the LIVE lecture as though you were in class.  I personally love it. 

As far as clinicals, you have to find your own.  You are provided a list of providers that are in contract with SUNY and its your responsibility to reach out to them to secure your spot.  Your experience depends on your preceptor and your work ethic. 

As with most colleges, there are things that are disorganized and a bit frustrating at times. My advice is to try to be as independent and proactive as possible, and remember this is graduate school, so its not easy.  Its a lot of work.  However, if I can get all A's while working 48 hr night shift in the DNP/FNP program, you can do it too.  You just have to be organized and stay on top of your assignments.  The professors are pretty gracious in my opinion.

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