SUNY Downstate ABSN alum - thoughts please!


Hello to all SUNY Downstate Accelerated BSN alum -

I started the program this summer and have been extremely disappointed with the content, professors and administration. I am about to finish the second summer semester and honestly feel like I haven't learned much at all. I'm getting concerned about being prepared to actually work as a nurse after graduation, so I would love to hear about people's experiences in the workplace - are you really behind other new grads? Did you have enough knowledge to start working out of the gate? If not, what did you do to supplement your degree from Downstate? And lastly, did you get enough from this program to comfortably pass the NCLEX?

Any information would be great appreciated!

Thank you!


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Hey, sorry you're not having a good experience... Rumor was they had a decent program, it'd be interesting to hear what a graduate would have to say. You might get more responses if you post this in the student section of the website.

Best of luck and hope everything works out for you!

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