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Hello all!

Has anyone ever worked for Sunrise Detox Center? They are opening a location here in GA and I was hoping someone could tell me a little about the working environment. I do know that they are a very high end facility and cater to athletes, celebrities, and other VIP's. They require a video interview, which I'm not to thrilled about. If anyone has any insight or experience with this company, it would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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Good morning! What a great opportunity!

Although I can't answer your specific question, we are the largest peer to peer nursing site and someone else will be along to help you!


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Quality company, for sure. It's purely medical detox for drug and alcohol addiction (substance abuse), but they are very good at integrating rehab into the process early, and encouraging patients to immediately enter rehab after detox.

I have experience with Sunrise Detox in Florida (not the new high-end Ft Lauderdale one, but the one in Lake Worth). I wasn't looking for a job but I helped someone get help in Florida. I also visited the one in Toms River, NJ (which is involved in the NJ NARCAN pilot program). The same people run them, and it shows. They run a tight ship, if you know anything about drug treatment (which can be like trauma... chaos is the norm to be managed via smart process) it requires commitment from the front lines to make it all work. Read that as strict adherence to process, but keep an open mind to "exceptions" because there are likely to be a lot of exceptions.

It seemed to me that virtually everyone working there was of one mind regarding care - a rare thing these days. I quizzed a few people while I was in the facility and my take-away is that management is non-medical, and it is indeed a for-profit business, but the commitment to care is sincere and they provide the resources to get the job done right. In New Jersey they are very active in prevention and treatment advocacy, which I liked about them.

Good luck with the interview.


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Thank you so much, this really helps!


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Hi. I am actually currently employed with the company. My name is Michael and I've worked as a Staff Nurse for 4 years. To answer your question it is a great place to work! The opportunity is real and if you can submit a mandatory video that would be great! Chase from Valeo HR is accepting walk-ins at 2475 North Point Highway in Alpharetta, GA. If you have questions please call Valeo HR at 561-320-3999 ask for Julie


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The video is not horrible. It's a great company. I have been employed for less than a year but would do it over in a heart beat!


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I also have an video interview with sunrise detox and I'm really nervous. How did your interview go? have you stared work there? Please can you give me tip on my interview? Thanks so much.