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Didn't think I was nervous to start nsg school today, but here I am up at 4 am. Spent the week leading up to today at the Jersey shore. Definitely a good idea since Isabel hit Pennsylvania much harder than New Jersey. It was fun running in 25 mph winds & swimming in the crazy surf. Had it been an actual emergency I would have been screwed b/c I was on an island.

Now that it is the 1st day of Fall & of school it is time for a fresh start. I am less excited than I was 3 months ago. Maybe that's because I got the bill & they increased the tuition on me. I'll get over that once I'm working.

My biggest nursing school fear? That I won't be able to sit still during class. I couldn't sit still during orientation. On the other hand I sit still fine in front of the tv. Hmmm.



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Have a great day! :)

nurse2be in ny

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Good luck!

Good luck Caroline-- I remember how nervous I felt a year ago too. It was one crazy year-- just work hard and keep your sights on that end goal and you will do fine. :)

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