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Summer Online Class(es)

Hi everyone!

I'm taking microbiology online for 4 weeks. Has anyone taken micro online? If so was it more difficult than AP2? I've taken all of my sciences courses that's required to apply for the nursing of my choice except micro. I'm needing to have taken it before the fall term in order to apply by October 1st.

Lastly, what are the class(es) you're taking online? And do you plan to apply to a nursing school for the spring term?

I thought Micro was more difficult than A&P. But it was so much fun. I wouldn't take it online, simply because you'd miss out on all the best parts of it.

I'm taking three classes this summer - Chem II on campus and Music Appreciation and Texas Government online. Applying for Spring 2018.

Oh really?!

Well if I don't take micro over the summer my chances are slim. As you know nursing school is very competitive and have taken all of my science classes would be a good look for me. However, it doesn't totally affect my chances of at being selected.

I've never taken a science class online and if I didn't have such a great professor for AP2 I would have not done so well. Science is a struggle for me; however, I am good at note taking and memorization.

Micro in 4 weeks? O.o Good luck..

If science is a struggle for you, then I'd recommend not taking Micro online, especially in a four week period. It's not a hard class, but it's a struggle for a lot of people. It's also one of the best experiences I've had in a class because of all the fun things we got to do in lab.

Ultimately you have to do what's best for you. My opinion is worth what you paid for it ;)


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