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Summer Break Blues


Hi everyone, I have one more year to go before I finish the program!! Last semester I was struggling in the beginning, failed the first two exams so I quit my part time job and buckled down and got As on the last two exams and finished med-surg with a B. But now that school is over, I dont know what to do with myself!! I got my job back but the resturant buisness does not exactly help me prepare for whats coming.

I want a job in the health care field to get experience, applied to a couple hospitals for per diem tech positions but nothing back yet. I was wondering if anyone can think of things I could do over the summer that would help get experience!! Im open to anything that would help!!


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It may be a little late to try this now but you could volunteer in a hospital and department you're interested in. I know it's not paid and it may not be "nursing" work you do, but it could help with networking and get your foot in the door. If you're not that certain, it could help to shadow in a specialty you think you're interested in. Get your CNA certification if you don't have it already and maybe work in a nursing home if you can't get a hospital job? Because I was having trouble getting a hospital job as a tech with no experience, I actually got a job as a tech in a psych hospital. Not quite the same set of skills, but it prepared me for psych clinical and helped me cement that this was what I wanted to go into after graduation.

If all else fails, NCLEX books are your friend and please, try to enjoy your summer a little!


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I feel your pain!! One year to go...and having that feeling of "Too little to run with the big dogs but to big to run with the little dogs". It's been my experience so far after talking to some of the people I know at a local hosptial that SOME places don't like to hire nursing students as PCA's/CNAs because there is too much role confusion. I guess I can see where they are coming from, but it's really tough because I want to work! And I would LIKE to work in healthcare! BUT I can't seem to find anything. You may want to look into some home healthcare CNA work. There is a company where I live that will hire nursing students without a CNA certificate..they only require that you pass the CNA test...and most of the students I know have made 100% on this test of course. Good luck to you!! I hope you find something soon!

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