Summer block 3 at SCC


Does anyone have any experience with block 3 in summer at Scottsdale Community College that you can share??

I'm trying to decide whether I want to stick to traditional fall/spring semester at different school or graduate a few months earlier by attending SCC in summer for my block 3.

I hear SCC has a good program but want to make sure I'm not setting my self up for failure by choosing fast track option.



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What do you know about the summer option now? Just curious as I will be submitting an advanced placement application soon as my stupid fingerprint card comes in and was wondering what other locations had starts besides Fall and Spring.

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I just graduated SCC in December and I completed the traditional program. There was such an overwhelming amount of info that it is nice to have the summer off. However, I did feel like I lost some of my knowledge and momentum by having the summer off.

I'm a bit confused - are you already accepted and attending at a Maricopa school other than SCC?

Keep in mind, unless things have changed, not every student from traditional is allowed to transfer into that summer block. Also, many people that started accelerated switched to traditonal because they failed and then had to repeat the block.

Good luck!


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SCC is the only program I have looked into for summer. I know CGCC has block 4 this coming summer but not block 3.

Hope that helps some.


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Thanks for the info...

I am currently enrolled at another Maricopa school in block 2. I know that getting in is not guaranteed and depends on them having slots available. I've already completed and forwarded my transfer and have spoken to the nursing department at SCC.

I just wanted to see if anyone had any input about block 3 and 4 at SCC. I took block 1 in summer at my current school and it was pretty tough.

Thanks again. Congrats on graduating!

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They actually combined the combined Block 4 accelerated students with our Block 4 traditional class and we wound up with a total of about 80 students.

For me, Block 3 was the easiest because it was OB, peds, & some med surg. Having been a pediatric med asst before RN school and having had my own 2 babies made it much easier!! The care plans and checkoffs are also very easy for Block 3. Block 4 starts out easy with psych, which is pretty straight forward and there are no care plans. Once you hit critical care, the block is definitely challenging because there is a lot of critical care stuff to learn in a very short amount of time, which is coupled with projects, papers, and a very big care plan. There is only 1 checkoff at the end and it's not too bad. In general, the checkoffs get easier as you go along. You are definitely not as nervous and the instructors are not as strict during them.

If you've done well so far, you can do it.