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Hey guys,

Im running into an issue and need advice...

I am currently a nursing student and have applied for a few jobs in group homes etc.. in 2010 I was cited for retail theft and plead guilty thinking itd just be over and done with.. (I was a stupid teenager that made a horrible mistake, please spare me the comments on being a horrible person, I beat myself up over it enough) anyhow, I filled out the apllications and was honest when asked about my record.. most ask about felonies and misdemeanors, some ask for everything. I was offered jobs on the spot and then they checked my record and it came back with a summary offense and they said they CANT hire me. Is this a state law in PA or are they all just looking at me like im a criminal? I got into nursing school. Why cant I get a job? I will obviously have this expunged next year but any insight in the meantime would be AWESOME!

Thank you!!

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While we can't give legal info, I suspect that a LOT of what you're dealing with now depends upon how the offense is treated. In other words, was it considered equivalent to a misdemeanor or a felony? Another potential issue is that convictions for theft may be seen as a 'moral turpitude' issue, even if it was treated as an infraction, resulting in some employers saying that you're not eligible for hire because of that.

Keep at it, looking into what the actual issue is and hopefully you'll find out what's the real story and if there's a way to mitigate it.

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There are laws about healthcare workers and criminal histories. You need to seek legal advice about getting the charges expunged for this will affect you sitting for the NCLEX.

It wasnt considered a misdemeanor or a felony. I was given a non traffic citation and it was listed as a summary offense which is below the two. I understand the moral turpitude issue and it makes sense. The thing I dont understand is why they even offer me a job or conduct an interview when I clearly list this on my application. As for sitting for the NCLEX, I do plan to have it expunged.