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Suggestions nursing school! please help!!

hey all!

I am actually an international student and I would like to transfer to a Nursing school.

My overall GPA is 3.6

In my science classes

I got in Anatomy an A

Microbiology B

Physiology A

Statistics A

I am pretty open if I should transfer to a school in California or move to another state to go there to school.

Do you have any suggestions what school will most likely accept me with this GPA?

Any advice would really help!!

It really depends on the school. Some schools will have openings available, and your GPA will be of no issue. Others will have openings available, but the competition is so high that it will not be enough. Beyond that, your actual coursework MAY satisfy the pre-requisite requirements for the nursing program you want to join, but if not, you will have to complete the classes they require to bring you up to eligibility.

You will need to decide first on what State you wish to live (at least for school) and then search from there. The US is FAR too big to say where you should go based on GPA alone!

Something important to note is that some regions of this country are very saturated with new nurses and a new grad has a very hard time finding employment. Other areas are much less so, and new grads can find work without difficulty. It really does depend on where you want to be.

I will then decide first where I want to live and do go from there and find schools!! This really helped a lot!! thankyou for your reply!!