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suggestions/help for nclex-pn 3rd timer

posakurai posakurai (New) New

So I'm finally got myself to plan to study for my upcoming nclex exam not registered yet just send in my application (again!) I really want to pass it my 3rd time don't want to go through this agony again!

1st time, i think i took it really easy didn't think it was going to be hard since i did well in school but failed miserably - only 85 questions in about 2hours, i only did minimal of studying

2nd time- study for approximately 3 weeks, maybe 1-2 hours a day ....used a lil bit of saunders 5th edition....didn't really use it that much, read alot about exam cram so decided to purchase the book, though it was really useful (but i only got the 445 questions one) i was searching and saw a 700+ question one is there any major difference or generally the same just more questions??) i also used the online free pn3000 review i think it's by lippincott but not all just use it to do some daily question of 50 or so... ---205 questions in about 4hr30mins

3rd time- any suggestions that u think will help me to pass it aroudn this time? the only thing i got now is to used all the previous material again to refresh and maybe used hte following based on forums post i see? but if htere anything else that you recommend please me let me know

-ncsbn 3 weeks nclex review? any suggestions on this, does it help? i think it's $50 for this...

and is the la charity delegation and prioritized book can also use to study for PN even the book is targeted for RN??

We are in the same boat.I also took PN exam for the second time (March 12th) with both 205 q's now waiting for my CPR again and register for the exam.I hope third time is our lucky number.I will just wait for someone who can reply to our post and give some advice or recommendation on what reviewer we can use.Help us people!!

sorry to hear that. yeah hopefully 3rd time the charm >.

so what items have you used to study/prepare for nclex?

Hopefully there's someone here can give us some nice tips/suggestions. *begging eyes*

ps lol lots of typo in my initial post