Suggestions for a good student planner?

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Was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions about student planners. There was one someone suggested on here, but I can't remember the brand for the life of me. Wish I would have ordered it when I first saw it. Thanks for any input!!

polka-dot, RN

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I love the Uncalendar...check it out at

Very customizable! I'll have to scan some pages of my own calendar so you can see how crazy NS is! It's a hoot! :-)


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This looks like a great planner..did it help you stay organized? I'm looking for something either like this or for my laptop.. :D


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Good question...and yes, I'd like to see one of those crazy pages!

Anyone use a PDA? I'm not cool enough to have an iPhone with some clever app on it...maybe someday though.


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I use both paper and digital. I just picked up a regular Day Runner (reg 40, sale

For a PDA, I had google calendar on both my blackberry and now my iphone. I can't live without google calendar! It syncs over the air and I often set up an 'appointment' on my PC to ring me in the morning. Or, late at night I just add an entry and use it like a scratch pad or to do list. I use the text feature a lot, so it texts me according to my specs to remember things to do. If I didn't have this feature I wouldn't even remember to get my kids up in the morning, LOL!


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Thanks for the replies.

Polka-dot: Thanks for the suggestion of the UNcalander--just the kind of organization I was looking for!


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I use a paper calendar and my phone for really important things. I use the application on my laptop for class schedules and things that repeat (appointments things like that). I also use a paper planner to carry with me. I love the ones that are small, like legal pad sized, and that show each day individually. I find that the ones that have each day lined out make life so much easier, because you can put each day's activities into it's own space and not cram them into a small box. You can find these at any Office Depot, Staples or any bookstore probably. I usually buy mine from the campus bookstore.


Amber N.


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I am paper and electronic for organization purposes. Maybe a little too organized...LOL!

Day Runner is good....there is also Frankliny Covey..they do a lot of personalization and they may event have a location near you.

Me personally I need an organizer with a month and weekly view. It depends on how you need to see whats going on, if by the month, week, day or a combination.

T. ;)

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