Such are the dreams of the nurses on 3west

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Sing to the tune of glen campbells, everyday housewife

She picks up the kardex, looks over her patients,

And her head starts to spin,

How in the world will she ever manage

Workloads been called, but no one will come in

She goes to the medcart, and finds pills are missing

Goes to phone pharmacy

Doctors with orders and families with questions

A patient's just fallen ,there's two run dry IV's

Ooooooh such are the cries of the nurses on 3west

Who work 24 hours in a 12 hour day.

If things don't get better

we're going to the U...USA:D


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EXACTLY!!!! I hope Gordon Campbell gets very sick and stuck on one of our short staffed wards so he needs to be transfered by ambulance to a hospital in another city and get poor care there too because of a lack of staff.


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Gordon Campbell? I think it is Glen Campbell.:eek:


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Well, I was talking about the premier here. It is Gordon. Glen was the last loser we had in office. Gordon is now butchering the system

TracyB,RN, RN

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Those words are just meant to be SUNG to the tune of one of Campbell's songs. Glen Campbell was/is a singer, folk /country music would be a good way to characterize his music, I guess. He didn't write that; I'm sure it was written by nurses having a bad nite, trying to make the best of it.


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Maybe I am not being clear to you Americans who aren't from here. Gordon Campbell runs the province and it's his party that legislated us back to work in the last contract dispte. The Campbell name thing is just a coincidence. I do understand that the singer is Glen.


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hey fergus51 - lets be confusing,.....glen campbell is gordon's cousin. heheheheh. Maybe he'll close enough beds that when he wants one, it'll be a stretcher in maternity, and they can force delivery on that growth in his head.


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LOL!!! It is confusing when we last had Glen Clark, now we have Gordon Campbell and the singer is Glen Campbell....:rolleyes: Coincidence?....hmmmmm


I don't want there to be room in Maternity! That's where I work!:eek: :eek: :eek:


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You're right, maternity won't do,...hmmm.....I know, we'll just have to wheel him down to the morgue.:D

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Leeson and Fergus, I LOVE my Canadian nurse friends and neighbors here! You guys crack me up! Sorry that so many of us from the States don't catch on too quickly!

Leeson, is that your poetry/tune? Are you still writing poetry? This sounds like something you wrote. And once again, probably written after a very rotten night! Please keep writing; but I would hope that you also write after you have decent days also.:)



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The Morgue!!! Perfect!!:D

Don't worry Jenny I know the name thing is a little confusing here!:)


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Yuppers I lyricized it. These songs just seem to pop in my head in funny hours of the night, then I have to write them down right away. I do a tacky impersonation of a Ukrainian lady named Olga Gotitchki. It is a tune about poor olga with a yeast infection. I wear big glasses I had donated to me from extras on an ECU ward, I wear a babushka, a real hand embroidered tie, with an elastic around it to slip over your head(it's really from the Ukraine) I wear balloons under my flannel shirt because Olga is one hot baba. I wear a floured apron, gum boots, and have numerous plastic shopping bags. When I do my performances, I put a rubber draw sheet down because one song is called "I leak When I sneeze) I have suction tubing (my urethra), bulb syringe filled with water(my bladder), and towels so I can clean up my act.Every song is down with a Ukrainian accent. I do retirements, parties, prettymuch anything to embarrass any body. I come on stage with a big hunk of garlic sausage, and have garlic oil rubbed into my clothes. It's a lot of fun. I take a trip and never leave the farm. I have about 6 songs, and a repertoire of ukrainian jokes. Can't be charged with being politically incorrect as I am part Ukrainian, ( from the waist down).:D

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