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I am amidst a career crisis of sorts. Since relocating, I am looking into various jobs that work with my new life in my new state. I worked in a hospital previously and am now looking into several alternative settings. I was at the PTA meeting for my daughter's new school this evening and was talking a little with the principal. When she heard I was a nurse who was looking for part time work, she suggested I apply to the substitute school nurse pool. Apparently subs are always needed for things like trips, extra help during assessments, eye exams, etc. Our district doesn't require the certification for subbing. Anyway, I have experience working in schools (previous career as a teacher!) but I don't know a ton about school nursing. I know substitute teachers get no training and I am sure the same is for the school nurses. What can I expect? I am sure each school health office is different, but any advice on ways to prep myself?


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We always have our new subs come in for at least half a day and observe the "flow". There was a time whent hat was paid for...not sio much anymore. But it sure beats going in blind. I also leave a sub folder with as much info as I think sub would need. It is usally, (mostly) up to date :o. And it at least allows the to get feel for the office. Good Luck!


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Thanks! So I suppose once register and if the board approves, this is something I should ask to do whether it be on a volunteer basis or not. I know it varies greatly from place to place but do you happen to know going rates for subs?

Thanks again!


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I have worked the last 2 days in a school, first time ever. I have been given no guidance because the school district is on strike. Basically, I see my job is to make sure everyone stays safe and assess as needed, it is kind of hectic. My back ground is many years in a level 1 pediatric er.