Substance Abuse Eval in Texas


I was wondering if anybody in Texas has heard of a nurse with a history of subtance abuse is not referred to TPAPN. Upon license renewal my friend reported to the BON her 2 dwi charges. They want her to get an evaluation by an "approved" professional and it is going to cost at least $1800. We live in a fairly large metropolitan area (the state capitol) but there are only 2 local professionals on that list.By now she has over a year of sobriety. Is there any chance that she can avoid Tpapn by paying this exorbitant fee? It seems so cruel as well as downright predatory to extort this money from someone, then in the end make her enroll in TPAPN. I self enrolled in TPAPN and my evaluation by an addictionologist only cost about $500. Any insights?

It's not extortion. The BON has a duty to make sure a nurse is fit for licensing. Two DWIs is a lot. One is a mistake, two is a pathology.