Submitting NP school application while completing prereq

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Hi All,I just wanted to ask what everyone thought, or maybe if anyone has been in this situation themselves, about submitting my application to NP school while i complete my statistics course this semester. The application isn't due until March but I wanted to have all my applications complete and sent in by the end of October. I've been an RN for 2 years, I will have 3 years experience before I start. I qualify for all the admission requirements, the only thing is that I am taking my statistic course now. I want to get everything out early and since applications have started to be accepted since this summer, I don't want to be one of the last applicants by waiting too late.

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Ask the school. Some will accept courses in process and make your acceptance contingent on passing while others will insist you have everything done by the application date.'13

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I had been trying to get in contact with the admissions office for some time now and I couldn't get through. Thankfully I just did this morning and they were able to answer my question. Thank you for your response!