Submitting an abstract for Denver, 2014


Wish me luck! I am submitting an abstract for Denver, 2014 related to my ongoing research into nursing on the night shift.

I tried to get into the national Magnet conference at the behest of my research mentor, but I did not make the cut. I honestly feel that the work I am doing could make such a HUGE impact on patient safety AND nurse recruitment, turnover and satisfaction- I just need to get it out there.

Anyhow, if any of you have any tips and advice- I'll be working on this all weekend and would be happy to hear your suggestions. Thanks!

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Did your abstract get selected for May 2014 NTI....hope to see you there.

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I didn't get selected for NTI (still attending though) but I am doing a poster and podium at Pathway to Excellence, and NMC2014.