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Hello! I am currently applying for the nursing programs in Los Angeles County Community District including LACC, Valley and ELAC. I have submitted my transcripts to these schools but I just realized today that I have registered at Southwest and Harbor College for an online class in previous semesters but I dropped them before the date where you could get a W on transcript. The one in Southwest was dropped on the second day of start of semester. I was checking my unofficial transcript online (Student Information System) and it shows "no work completed" for both schools (Southwest and Harbor). My question is: Do I have to submit these transcripts as well to the schools I am applying to even though I dropped the class and did not get a W? I will be calling the schools I am applying tomorrow but I just wanted to know if someone had the same experience. Thank u so much in advance to all who will respond to my question.


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Double check with the schools, but I can't imagine you'd need those transcripts.


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I wouldn't think you would need them....


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I would think you would not need to add those because you didn't take the class.

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