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Subjective much?


today at my home health assignment i read a note left by another cna in our memos to one another. the note read: "fyi: he is a dirty old man. be careful." she went on to explain that a "former" cna who used to work with mr. t stopped by the house and told her that...it is a small community and people talk (this is what she wrote).

now, what got me was why in the world would she have written something like that out? what if the family saw that?

i wanted to leave her a note that said in bold letters ***** i get that she may have been trying to do others a favor by saying something but i think she went about it the wrong way. i think she should have spoken with the other cnas and not left a note. we have meetings every friday to discuss care and other issues.


I hope you removed the page. This is a good example of someone not using their head. She could have spread the word by other means and in other venues. Leaving a libelous statement like this in writing is asking for trouble. Inform the supervisor at once. The supervisor will want to act on this information one way or the other.