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Hello all! I was just wondering if they let you use a calculator on the teas version v test. also the study guide I have is BS!! it said that v=50 in arabic numerals...come on! who's got some advice for me I take it on Nov. 19th.:confused:

I was not allowed to use a calculator on the TEAS. I practiced for many hours doing everything by hand with mass amounts of scratch paper. lol

Good luck!

hhhmmmm.... oh boy!!! i am so nervous! Thank you!!:uhoh3:

I didn't take the TEAS V, but TEAS IV and they would not allow me to use a calculator either. The math section took me the longest and I almost ran out of time. My one suggestion would be to practice (as the poster above said) with scratch paper working the problems out, and while taking the test keep track of how much time you spent. It took me all but 1 minute of the allotted time to finish the math problems. Once I was done, I had 1 problem I wanted to go back and look at and that is all of the time I had. Good luck!


Thanks to all is thier anyone that has taken version v?

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