Studying for TEAS in 8 days???

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I just signed up to take the TEAS on 8/7. I am really hoping I can study for this thing in 8 days, because it is the only time I can take it. The only things I need to brush up on are science and math, so I plan to focus on those. I am good at cramming, and have the ability to spend at least 4 hours a day on it.

I ordered the ATI book review, an it is being overnighted. Couldn't find a review in the local bookstores here.

Has anyone else done this and lived to tell about it?

I found out I had to take the TEAS on 7/24/09, and I just got home from taking it. I was told my acceptance into an LVN program depended on it. So I had the stress of that, the stress of not knowing what to expect, and everything else.

Long story short, I got an overall percentage that was satisfactory to my entrance into the program.

It can easily be done. Just focus. I'm making a thread right now depicting my experience, so check it out here in a little bit.


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Sweet..I was going to take it after my summer class-study for 2 weeks and then take it but I decided to not do that since the teas score is like 50 points to alot of schools.

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